Chucky Rosa

Many of my favorite projects involve location portraiture because I love meeting people, hearing their stories and learning about their lives. I think this comes across to my subjects and helps me to draw out their personalities for successful portraits. I’m also willing to do whatever it takes to meet them on their terms.

A project to shoot photos for an opioid awareness campaign was particularly inspiring. One of the subjects, Chucky Rosa, lost two sons to overdoses and he now spends his life working to help save others from this devastating epidemic. Chucky lives near the beach and as part of his everyday routine he goes for a swim in the ocean near the place where he scattered his sons’ ashes.

We scheduled the shoot for late afternoon when we knew the light would be perfect. For any shoot we go prepared for the worst case, so we lugged our portable lighting equipment to the beach in case the sun didn’t cooperate. We were lucky, though, and the available light was incredible. After shooting several portraits on the beach, subject and photographer (with camera) headed out into the ocean for a swim where I got the best shot of the session.