Bill Truslow Photography

Bill Truslow has been working in commercial photography for over three decades. His work has brought him all over the world photographing portraits, advertising campaigns, and editorial images for global organizations and small, local businesses alike.

Whether he’s shooting Industrial Photography of power plants in Turkey, Healthcare Photography of doctors performing surgery, or Corporate Photography of a busy CEO in the short ten minutes he’s been allotted, Bill does what it takes to get the shot that his clients adore.

With his incomparable eye and technical expertise Bill’s clients trust him to create compelling photographs. Whether shooting Educational Photography of a group of student acrobats, Business Photography in a corporate environment, or Portrait Photography on a seamless backdrop in studio, his easy-going determination helps him relax even his most nervous subjects while delivering polished, poignant pictures under tight deadlines. His sense of design in Product Photography helps his clients market their products worldwide.

Fueled as much by his own innate curiosity as the lattes he’s known for brewing with his in-studio espresso machine, Bill doesn’t just understand the major impact the imagery can play in his clients’ stories, he revels in it. Every client. Every time.